TGC Norden distinctives 5: For churches

Within TGC Norden we desire to be defined by what we are for—and we are for churches. We are not merely committed to the universal church, the community of all the saved, but rather to the visible, gritty version of this that we meet in our neighborhoods and towns—we are for churches.

Helpers that need help

Bewildered, I hung up the phone. My best intention to help a sister in conflict had only served to drive her further away. Now she hurt more, and I was to blame. In my desire to help, I thoroughly failed. Three questions filled my head: Why would God call me to enter into conflict and care for another if I couldn’t do it well? If God is my counselor, where was he now? And if the greatest commandment (Matt. 22:36–40) includes loving my neighbor, why do I have such a hard time doing it? While learning how to counsel others,...

TGC Norden distinctives 3: Counter-culturally biblical

The evangelical churches of the Nordics that want to hold fast to the gospel often find that they must take a clear stance of resistance to the invitations of secular Nordic culture. Many churches claim to stand on “sola scriptura,” but when encouraged to preach sequentially through a book of the Bible, one is often met with a yawn or a sneer. We must have courage to stand firm even in the face of cultural disdain, while not giving into a cynical marginalized mentality.

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