My faith, my truth

If you watch mainstream media, then chances are you have heard the phrase “my truth.” Whether in movies, TV shows, social media reels and/or posts, it seems that we cannot escape the reality that we are living in the “my truth” era. Oprah even helped popularize this phrase during an acceptance speech in 2018.1 “My/Your/Their Truth” has become a sort of calling card for those who reject outright the idea that there exists anything that could be defined as absolute truth. This ideology holds subjective truth (what a person identifies as their own personal truth) higher than objective truth (truth...

TGC Norden distinctives 3: Counter-culturally biblical

The evangelical churches of the Nordics that want to hold fast to the gospel often find that they must take a clear stance of resistance to the invitations of secular Nordic culture. Many churches claim to stand on “sola scriptura,” but when encouraged to preach sequentially through a book of the Bible, one is often met with a yawn or a sneer. We must have courage to stand firm even in the face of cultural disdain, while not giving into a cynical marginalized mentality.

The world’s happiest people will face God’s judgement too

I am, of course, happy that my neighbors are happy. But I grieve for their godlessness. Without the gospel, without God, no person, however happy, has any real hope. But people here don’t seem to care. Perhaps more apatheist than atheist, they simply have other things to worry about. The prosperity, luxuries, and abundant ease of modern life distracts the people of the Nordics, turning their attention from the eternal to the temporal. And they seem to be doing fine.

man jumping into a lake

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